Microsoft Build 2016: Keynote day 2

Day 2 of Build kicks off with Scott Guthrie talking about Azure, which currently has 30 unique Azure regions around the world (more than Google + AWS combined) and is used bu 85% of the Fortune 500. No wonder that there’s still a lot of ongoing investment in the cloud. Another very important feature is the acquirement of Xamarin a few weeks ago. This keynote is a filled with demos and real world use cases which are interesting to see, so below just a quick rundown on some announcements.


Miguel de Icaza kicked right off with a demo of Xamarin in Visual Studio. The new features:

  • The best news there is the iOS simulator remoted directly on Windows! With multi-touch support.
  • Live code editing with Xamarin inspector for Android apps.

And then there’s this great news brought by Scott:

  • Xamarin will be included for free in Visual Studio
  • Xamarin Studio comes with Visual Studio subscription.
  • Free Xamarin Studio Community for Mac.
  • Open sourcing of the Xamarin runtime

Next up is a great demo of Xamarin Test Recorder, Test Cloud and CI builds for Xamarin on Visual Studio Team Services. One remark: it just works.

Internet of Things

Azure Iot Suite: securily device connectivity and management

Azure function preview

  • Serverless compute
  • Triggers on azure events or external services
  • Open source runtime (C# or Node.js)

A lot of public previews (new or existing)

  • Azure functions
  • Azure hub device management
  • Azure IoT gateway
  • Azure container service
  • Azure service fabric + standalone runtime
  • Power BI Embedded


  • New pricing and scaling options for DocumentDB
  • DocumentDB global databases
  • DocumentDB protocol support for MongoDB

Scott Hanselman demoed how Age of Ascent uses ASP.NET Core and Azure service fabric to create a MMO that sends millions of messages per second.

Bonus: Open source sample of Azure IoT + Xamarin + Universal app.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0; code samples licensed under MIT.
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