Speaking engagements fall 2022

After a long dry summer in Europe, rain is falling out of the sky almost every single day the past few weeks. The nature really needed this break, and I took one myself as well the past month to restore some mental health after an intense two years at work.

The new season also brings a new conference season in Europe with October and November having back-to-back conferences. I always hope to be able to speak at one or two conferences per half year, keeping a balance between work and community travel. And while it’s never a sure deal, I’ve been lucky to be selected for a few conferences this fall as well for these topics:

Workshop: enterprise-grade API on Azure

Over the years I’ve trained many teams to improve the quality of their APIs with a wide range of smaller and larger tips and tricks. Last year Glenn and I converted this into a workshop which we’ve given at a handful of conferences. Our next stop will be at Porto Tech Hub on October 27.

Porto Tech Hub

If you’re interested in this workshop, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have plenty of content and depending on the audience and available time we shape our workshop to anything between half a day and two full days. You can also have a look at this blog series to see a few of the topics covered.

Developer productivity shouldn’t breach security

Since I’ve been doing quite some Azure cloud governance work lately, I’ve been trying to align developers and the security office at multiple companies. As with many other topics, you see every team struggling with the same problems and I decided to shape a new talk to breach the gap. Come join me at:

CloudBrew Build Stuff

Smaller (semi-)private events

Sharing knowledge has always been one of my main drivers to keep on learning myself. But there are only se many days in a year and a handful of customers you can help yourself. For that reason, I’m also trying to share my knowledge to (consultancy) companies and universities to amplify my reach. This fall season there are a few such sessions on the agenda already as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested.

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