Prism 6 for Windows 10 UWP being ported

As some of you might have been aware, Prism has been an open-source project for several months now as the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team handed it over to the community. I’ve been using Prism (for Windows 8/8.1) since the early days (I was already following it closely when it was still codenamed Kona), so this movement was great news for me. It means we as community could help steer it forward into the new Windows 10 era and it didn’t take long before I handed the team a few issues in the previous version I’d like to see fixed. But as everybody was eagerly awaiting the announcements at \\BUILD 2015, it was mostly a waiting game for the Windows 10 port as nobody really knew what direction Microsoft would take.

Now we’re a few months later and the initial shock of the multiple platform bridges has settled a bit. Yes, Windows 10 applications written in XAML will still happen and so it’s great news to see that we have an initial port of Prism for Windows 10 thanks to the great effort of Brian Noyes. There are still a lot of features to add, but you’re already able to fork and compile the code and use it in your next Windows 10 app.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at the Hello World sample to get you started. There isn’t any documentation for the new version available yet, but if you’re used with Prism for Windows Runtime then you’ll certainly find your way (except for a few namespace changes). I’m pretty sure the team is looking forward to any feedback.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0; code samples licensed under MIT.
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